DBS has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Parkinson's disease patients

Happy Patients
93% of patients believe their DBS helped, and 96% would do it again.  1
Reduction in medicine
With DBS, you may be able reduce the amount of medicine you're taking, which means getting freedom from the difficult side effects.  2
Improved motor symptoms
DBS patients have a 56% improvement in motor symptoms after 1 year.  3,4,5

Reduction in tremors
People with tremor will typically experience an average of 70% reduction in tremor, depending on the type and location of tremor.  6
Sustained motor function
DBS patients experience a marked improvement in motor function sustained until at least 5 years.  6
Increased mobility
With DBS, you get significantly more "on time"—meaning you're in control and have the independence to get around and live your life.  3, 4, 5

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